Aircraft & Ship Registration and management

Aircraft & Ship Registration and management

Aircraft registration

AAMIL offers complete services for the registration of aircrafts, helicopters and private jets with the Mauritius International Aircraft Registry. It provides for the setting up of tax efficient vehicles for such purposes and will also assist in all dealings with the Civil Aviation Department, which oversees all matters related to the licensing, certification and regulation of aircrafts, flight crew, aviation security and safety issues.

Some of the features attracting foreign operators to register aircrafts in the Republic of Mauritius are:

  • Favourable tax environment and tax efficient structures.
  • 100% accelerated depreciation rate in the first year of operation of an aircraft.
  • Excellent asset security with flexible and innovative financing and leasing structures provided.
  • Excellent corporate management environment and support elements including banks, lawyers, and accountants.
  • Signatory to the Chicago International Civil Aviation Organisation Convention, Geneva Convention on International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft and the New York Convention on the Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration.

Ship registration and management

AAMIL also provides for the registration and cost effective management of vessels, by setting up a company so as to own the vessel. Mauritius is the ideal location for such services as it offers attractive fiscal incentives, such as access to the island’s extensive double taxation agreements.

Advantages of registering a ship in Mauritius:

  • Proper legal environment, based on English common law.
  • Low income tax rate and access to double taxation agreements.
  • No tax on freight earnings, no withholding tax on dividends, no capital gains tax upon the sale or transfer of a vessel or of the shares in a shipping company, no estate duty payable on the inheritance of shares in a shipping company.
  • Provision of professional directors, nominee shareholders, company secretary, registered office and accounting services for the company owning the ship.
  • There is no income tax for all personnel working on board the vessel and no restrictions on the nationality of the crew.
  • Membership to most of the international conventions on maritime safety.
  • Ship's stores, consumables, spare parts and bunkers are exempted from customs and excise duties.
  • Competitive registration costs, low annual fees..

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