Residency Permits

Residency Permit

Whether you are looking to move to Mauritius for business or to enjoy your retirement, you will need to apply for a renewable permit that will allow you to reside in Mauritius. AAMIL (Mauritius) Ltd will help you determine which permit is the most appropriate to your situation and will accompany you all the way, from the application of the permit to the follow-up and until the permit is issued by the Board of Investment, which is the local authority involved in this process.

A foreign national may apply for an Occupation Permit (OP), which is a combined work and residence permit, or a Residence Permit under one of these four categories:

  • Investor: The business activity must generate an annual turnover exceeding MUR 4 million, with an initial investment of USD 100,000.
  • Professional: The monthly earnings must exceed MUR 60,000, except for professionals in the ICT sector whose basic monthly salary should exceed MUR 30,000.
  • Self-employed: A self-employed contractor or business owner should make an initial investment of USD 35,000 and the annual earnings during the first two years of operation should exceed MUR 600,000, and MUR 1,200,000 as of the third year of operation onwards.
  • Retired: A retired non-citizen aged 50 years or above, who must commit to transfer a minimum of USD 40,000 annually to their bank account in Mauritius.

An Occupation or Residence permit is valid for a maximum period of three (3) years, and may be renewed subject to established criteria.

Furthermore, the following holders of an Occupation or Residence permit are allowed to purchase an apartment located in a building of at least 2 storeys high and a ground floor, as from the date of issue of their permit:

  • Investor: with an investment exceeding USD 100,000.
  • Professional: with a monthly salary exceeding USD 3,000
  • Retired: with a transfer of USD 120,000 at the time of the application for their permit

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