If you love to build relationships, to pioneer on a high performance team which is passionate about operational excellence while working under positive pressure a�� youa��ll love it at AAMIL.


AAMIL is a leading Management Company in the Republic of Mauritius, having just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Such feat cannot be said of most of our competitors and, as such, we are constantly on the search and lookout for the best, brightest and most motivated talent. We are constantly recruiting and inviting candidates who believe they have what it takes to be prosperous and make us even more successful to gather insightful information on our recruitment process and procedures.


As mentioned in the overview section, we are constantly looking for top candidates for the following positions:

a?� Corporate & Trust AdministratorsA� A� A� A� A� A� A�Corporate Department

Corporate culture at AAMIL

Our philosophy is based on three (3) principles: Total Client Satisfaction, Communication and Integrity. We abide by all the legislations, codes, guidelines and regulations governing our industry. Various internal control procedures, manuals, guidelines and ethics codes are mandated to be adhered to by every single team member. We want our team members to enjoy their daily work, colleagues and workplace. AAMIL does not believe in people being confined to 4×4 cubicles. This is why we operate within a large voluminous office in the beautiful Caudan Waterfront with a very spacious work floor. AAMIL values an open working environment with a lot of transparency enabling team member freedom so that they may be autonomous while ensuring that all the statutory requirements are satisfied, our valuable clientsa�� requests are being attended to, deadlines, targets and tasks are met and that they flourish as part of our continuously growing organisation. We also understand the importance of appraisals as an important career development tool which lays the foundation for corporate advancement. Our monthly performance appraisals guide our team members whereby they can enhance their strengths and improve on their weaknesses so that they get a clearer understanding of what is expected from them regarding their daily duties. To summarise our philosophy, we understand that the assets of our company are our team members and we do all we can to facilitate their happiness and growth which, we know, will lead to the better overall performance of AAMIL.

The profile we are looking for

We understand that every person is different. However, we need to ensure that our motto of Total Client Satisfaction, Communication and Integrity is being strictly adhered to on a daily basis. We are looking for candidates with great attitudes and who understand that we operate within the private sector as opposed to the governmental sector. Our income is not derived from tax payers, but rather our valuable clients. Henceforth, we are not looking for candidates who: have a bureaucratic attitude, who are unwilling to assist their colleagues or other departments, who will only stick to their contractual job descriptions (and who often forget that the line a�?perform any other cognate duties as required from time to time by the Companya�? is listed at the end of the contract of employment in the private sector), who do not respect their colleagues and clients, who will shut down their workstations five (5) minutes before they are supposed to leave for the day, who procrastinate, who are stubborn, who are unwilling to assume responsibilities for their errors and short comings, who always blame others but themselves, who take sick leaves after a tough day at work, who believe they know everything and are unwilling to learna�� you get the picture. When we state that we are looking for candidates with great attitudes, you now know what we mean by the term a�?Great Attitudea�?a��

Doa��s and Don'ts


  • (G)reet everyone with a smile when arriving in the morning
  • (O)bserve strict adherence to the laws and legislations
  • (O)bserve strict adherence to our internal controls and manuals
  • (D)rive yourself to be the best you can be; you will be rewarded
  • (A)lways put the interest of the Clients and AAMIL above all
  • (T)reat Clients in a friendly, courteous and professional manner
  • (T)reat colleagues the way you would want them to treat you
  • (A�IA�)nvest time in planning for the day; it results in less pressure
  • (T)alk to your colleagues in French; it is the spoken language here
  • (U)ndertstand the necessity to read the various legislations at hand
  • (D)ress to impress; professional attire is mandatory (ties for males)
  • (E)xcel at keeping your desk and files in an orderly and neat manner


  • (B)e selfish, rude, impolite and arrogant
  • (A)ct like you know everything, you definitely dona��t
  • (D)well on negatives; this is contagious and we dona��t need that
  • (A)lways find an excuse for everything; act like an adult
  • (T)ry to lie or cover up your mistakes; we will find out
  • (T)ake credit for the work performed by your colleagues
  • (A�IA�)nstigate office gossip; your monthly appraisals will suffer
  • (T)ry to be spoon-fed, you wona��t be; go out of your way to learn
  • (U)ndertake fraudulent practices; it will backfire on your career
  • (D)espair under pressure, it forms part of work everywhere
  • (E)xpect regular salary increases; your appraisals will do the talking

Financial incentives & benefits

Having been operating within the industry for more than twenty (20) years, we have a good overview and understanding of the remuneration and fringe benefits which come with various positions. As such, our team members benefit from the following:

  • Above the industry norm remuneration for all positions
  • End of year performance bonuses based on the results of the monthly evaluations of team members and the performance of AAMIL
  • Fully paid health insurance (even during the probationary period)
  • Pension plan of 9.00% of the monthly remuneration (as from the date of the confirmation of employment)
  • 6.00% paid for by AAMIL and 3.00% deducted from the monthly salary of the team member
  • In some cases, we contribute to the professional development of our team members by sponsoring various development programs
  • Monthly performance evaluations based on objective as opposed to subjective criteria
  • Business cards provided to all team members
  • Fast track career advancement based on performance appraisals
  • Working hours as from 08:00 to 17:00 or 08:30 to 17:30 (although in most cases no one leaves on the dot. We do not expect you to!)

Application procedures

AAMIL believes in giving every potential candidate the chance to prove their worth, irrespective of age, race, religion, nationality, colour, creed, sexual orientation, experience or social belonging.

Internal & Client Accounting and Asset Management Positions

For all Internal & Client Accounting and Asset Management positions, we invite you to submit your application by following the steps below:

  • Email with the subject line: a�?Client and Internal Accounting or Asset Management a�� Spontaneous Application a�� (Followed by your full name)a�?
  • You must include an up to date version of your curriculum vitae (a�?CVa�?) in PDF version
  • If you are selected for an initial interview based on the review of your CV, you will be required to bring all your degrees and certification in original
  • If you are in employment at the time of the submission of your application, you will be required to bring your latest pay slip for the interview

Corporate, Compliance and Business Development Positions

For all Corporate, Compliance and Business Development positions, we invite you to submit your application by following the steps below:

  • Email with the subject line: a�?Corporate or Compliance or Business Development a�� Spontaneous Application a�� (Followed by your full name)a�?
  • You must include an up to date version of your CV in PDF version
  • You will be asked to come and take an entrance test
  • You will be allocated a maximum of three (3) hours to take our entrance test (you must allocate time for taking the test)
  • Upon arriving you will be required to turn off your phone and keep it in the safe custody of our receptionist (no cheating will be tolerated)
  • The entrance test is made up of multiple choice and fill in the blank questions
  • The test encompasses all aspects of our industry such as legislations, corporate work, regulations, general knowledge, and so forth
  • You must advise us as to your ability and schedule/time of preference to take the test in the email you will address to us
  • We shall confirm your appointment to take the entrance test by email
  • Based on your test results and if you score within our selective range, you will be recommended for a final interview
  • We provide you with the results by email by close of business the next business day
  • The final interview will be held with our Managing Director, Manager of Human Resources and Manager of Corporate Services
  • If you are selected for the final interview you will be required to bring all your degrees and certifications in original
  • If you are in employment at the time of the submission of your application, you will be required to bring your latest pay slip for the interview

Disclaimer: Failure to follow and abide by the instructions mentioned above will lead to your application not being considered.

Hiring procedures

All final hiring decisions are made solely by the Managing Director. If you are offered a position to join our team based on our application procedures, the following will be applicable:

  • You will be required to bring the documents listed below on your first day
  • Valid national identity card and passport in original
  • A proof of address dated less than three (3) months in original
  • A bank reference letter dated less than three (3) months in original
  • You will be on a probationary period of three (3) months (you will still be offered full insurance coverage)
  • During that period, you will be evaluated on a monthly basis
  • If you successfully pass the probationary period, you will officially become a team member (this is when your pension plan will also start)
  • No candidate will be confirmed pursuant to the above unless they produce a certificate of morality in original which must be requested after the first day of employment during the probationary period with us

Our pioneers embrace Total Client Satisfaction, Communication and Integrity.