AAMIL Africa Capital Partners PCC (AACP)

Why Mauritius?

  • Harmonised tax environment;

  • Ideal time zone (GMT+4);

  • Financial activities regulated by the Bank of Mauritius (BOM) and Financial Services Commission (FSC), leading member of the Egmont Group;

  • Compliant with International Standards such as OECD;

  • Bilingual and skilled workforce;

  • Mauritius has a network of 46 Double Taxation Agreements (DTA);

  • Mauritius has 28 bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPA) and also Multilateral Protection Agreements through African Union, SADC and COMESA;

  • Ranked 20th in Ease of doing business by the World Bank;

  • Conducive business environment and robust infrastructure;

  • Excellent airline connections;

  • Fast fibre-optic internet connected thought SAFE and LION cable.

AACP (The Ideal Investment Platform)

  • A cost-effective platform providing investors the opportunity to penetrate African markets;

  • No need to set up separate company (GBL);

  • Plug & Play investment platform;

  • Enables investors with different interests to invest through the establishment of their own cells;

  • Provides confidentiality;

  • Provides Commercial substance;

  • Provides legal segregation of assets and liabilities to protect cells from liabilities of other cells;

  • Share Capital of the PCC is made up of cellular and non-cellular (core) shares;

  • Cellular and non-cellular assets are kept separately and identifiable at all times;

  • Cell shares are issued as preference shares and hold different names in order to represent different cells;

  • Each of the cells’ assets and liabilities are segregated and ring-fenced from assets and liabilities of other cells;

  • Cellular dividends may be paid in respect of cell shares by reference only to the cellular assets and liabilities.