Trusts, PTC, Hybrids & Foundations

AAMIL holds the relevant licenses issued by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to provide nominee and trusteeship services. Besides the former, AAMIL possesses the know-how and expertise to register civil law foundations in addition to setting-up and incorporating hybrid companies (limited both by shares and by guarantee) and private Trusts companies. The various types of Trusts permitted under the Mauritius Trusts Act 2001, foundations, private Trusts companies and hybrids are ideal vehicles for asset, wealth, estate and tax planning for individuals, high net worth individuals, families and corporates. Such vehicles provide increased confidentiality if they are to be included in structures holding Global Business Licenses Category 1 (“GBL 1”), Global Business Licenses Category 2 (“GBL 2”) or any other types of companies incorporated in other jurisdictions as shareholder(s).

Today’s entrepreneurs and investors are more conscientious about such matters as estate planning and wealth succession to ensure that the fruits of their labour are duly passed on to their heirs and legatees. It is with such planning in mind that AAMIL advises its clients on the correct decisions to be made (selecting between the appropriate types of Trusts versus setting up a private Trusts company, a foundation or hybrid company all while understanding and keeping in mind the objectives of its clients/). In the English-speaking world, Trusts have been used for just under one thousand (1,000) years and form an essential part of estate planning, succession and investments.